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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Configuration : Building and deploying an Open Client application

Building and deploying an Open Client application

For Java and .NET clients, the Open Client Runtime is part of the client installation you must supply with your application. OpenEdge packages and distributes the Open Client Runtime in several file formats containing different network protocol support combinations. This distribution method reduces the overhead and complexity for both you the developer and the Open Client deployer.
Before running ProxyGen to generate proxies and/or a SOAP Web service definition, you must follow specific preparation procedures based on your environment and client type.
Before building your client application, you must prepare your environment. The preparation depends on the build environment and the client type. After building your application, you can deploy your client application according to its Open Client type.
For more information on all the above topics, see OpenEdge Development: .NET Open Clients, OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients, or OpenEdge Development: Web Services.