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OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects
SmartLinks : Source and target objects
Source and target objects
A SmartLink connects source SmartObjects and target SmartObjects. A source object can have one or more active target objects, but a target object usually has only one active source object. For example, a single SmartContainer (Container-Source) might contain a SmartDataViewer, a SmartDataBrowser, and a SmartPanel, each of which is a Container-Target.
Sometimes, a single object can be on either end of a SmartLink type. For example:
*A SmartContainer might contain other SmartContainers.
*A SmartDataObject might be the Data-Source for a SmartDataViewer and a Data-Target for another SmartDataObject.
As you design an application screen, you determine how SmartObjects link together; however, different SmartObjects have rules about which SmartLinks they allow. For details on which SmartLinks are allowed for each SmartObject, see Chapter 2, “SmartObjects.”