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OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects
SmartObjects : SmartFolders
A SmartFolder is an ADM folder‑class SmartObject that provides an interface for selecting pages in a SmartContainer. You can modify a SmartFolder instance at design time by resizing it or by modifying instance properties in its instance properties dialog box.
Table 2–10 lists the SmartFolder files.
Table 2–10: SmartFolder files 
File type
Filename / SmartLinks
Master files
(Because SmartFolders are customized at design time, a template is not necessary.)
src/adm2/folder.w (source code)
gui/adm2/folder.r (compiled code)
Primary include file
ADM/Progress Advisor‑supported SmartLinks
Instance properties dialog box
src/adm2/support/folderd.w (source code)
gui/adm2/support/folderd.r (compiled code)
SmartFolder instance properties
Figure 2–9 shows the SmartFolder instance properties dialog box.
Figure 2–9: SmartFolder Properties dialog box
You use the instance properties in this dialog box as follows:
*Tab Labels — This specifies labels for the tabs in the SmartFolder. The Label field contains the label text; the tab numbers in the tab# field correspond directly to page numbers in the SmartContainer that contains the SmartFolder. To leave a blank space with no tab in the SmartFolder, insert a tab and leave its label blank.
*Font — This opens the standard font dialog box, in which you specify the font for the SmartFolder’s tab labels. The default font is the “default” selection in the dialog box. The tab height is adjusted according to the font you select, and the label on the Font button changes to use the font you specify.
*Insert — This adds a new tab after the selected tab.
*Remove — This deletes the selected tab and moves all tabs that were to its right exactly one position to the left, to fill the gap.
*Use Fixed Tabs — If checked, this specifies that all SmartFolder tabs have the same width and enables the Width in field, where you supply this value. The default is to allow dynamic sizing, which adjusts the tab widths relative to the lengths of the tab labels.
*Width — This specifies a fixed width for the SmartFolder tabs. It is enabled only if you check Use Fixed Tabs.
SmartFolder usage notes
This section discusses special programming considerations for using SmartFolders.
Page 0 in SmartFolders
It is possible to set Page 0 in a SmartFolder. Page 0 visualizes at either design time or run time. For example, Figure 2–10 shows a run‑time SmartFolder open to Page 0.
Figure 2–10: SmartFolder page 0