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OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects
Developing Your Application's Business Logic : SmartDataObjects and SmartLinks
SmartDataObjects and SmartLinks
The ADM provides separately defined Data and Update SmartLinks to allow maximum flexibility in how you build and assemble SmartDataObjects:
*The Data link passes values from one object to another for display.
*The Update link passes changed values back to a SmartDataObject to be validated and saved in the database.
A SmartDataObject that is the Data-Source for a particular SmartObject can be the Update-Target for the same SmartObject. For example, a SmartDataObject that is the Data-Source for (and passes value to) a SmartDataViewer can be the Update-Target for that SmartDataViewer. Similarly, if a SmartDataBrowser allows updates, it must pass the updates to a SmartDataObject, because that is where the update logic resides. In this case, the SmartDataObject is the Update-Target for the SmartDataBrowser.
The SmartDataObject is designed to participate in a peer‑to‑peer SmartObject client relationship. However, it is also designed to operate as a server object that receives requests from other client objects, satisfies them strictly through OUTPUT parameters to those requests, and does not need links or callbacks to function.