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OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects
Developing Your Application's Business Logic
Developing Your Application's Business Logic
The AppBuilder supports the development and deployment of applications in heterogeneous environments (single or combined client/server, n‑tier, or Web‑enabled environments). The business logic for your application determines how you implement it. Developing and deploying a distributed SmartObject application requires a more detailed understanding of how a SmartDataObject operates, which this chapter provides. It contains the following sections:
*SmartDataObject features and operating characteristics
*SmartDataObject query and update operations
*ADM event procedures and functions in the SmartDataObject
*SmartDataObjects and SmartLinks
*Validation procedures
*Running SmartDataObjects in a distributed environment
*Managing SmartDataObjects in distributed mode
*AppServer-related SmartDataObject properties
*Running SmartDataObjects from a non-Progress client
*Java applications and SmartDataObjects