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OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects
Data Management in the ADM
Data Management in the ADM
The main purpose of most Progress applications is data management: allowing application users to browse, maintain, add, and delete records in databases. Thus, most SmartObjects are related to data management:
*SmartDataObjects work with database records.
*SmartDataViewers and SmartDataBrowsers provide display and browse capabilities for data sets.
*SmartFilters allow the user‑specified filtering of queries.
*SmartPanels and SmartToolbars provide screen controls for moving through and updating records managed by the other SmartObjects.
Each of these SmartObjects represents an individual aspect of data‑management functions. This chapter describes how they work together to allow you to build applications that manage database records in a variety of ways.
The chapter contains the following sections:
*Displaying and browsing data sets
*Filtering records
*Using SmartPanels and the SmartToolbar
*Transactions and record locking