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Binding ABL Data to .NET Controls : ABL data binding model for .NET : Supported ABL data sources

Supported ABL data sources

Only certain ABL data objects can act as the data source for the ProBindingSource. The following list shows the ABL data objects that can act as data sources to the ProBindingSource:
*Database or temp-table buffers:
*Buffer fields can be part of static or dynamic temp-tables.
*Buffer fields can be part of temp-tables in ProDataSets.
*Fields cannot be the RAW data type.
*Database or temp-table queries:
*Queries can be static or dynamic.
*Queries can be a navigation query of ProDataSets.
*If a temp-table contains a RAW field, the field is ignored by default. If you explicitly ask for it, ABL raises an error.
In ABL applications, you can only bind a single temp-table from a ProDataSet to a browse widget. If you want data from more than one temp-table in your browse, you first join the separate temp-tables into a new temp-table.
However, you can bind a static or dynamic ProDataSet, as a whole, to the ProBindingSource. This enables you to create a hierarchical display of parent records and their child records in the same .NET control. For example, this Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGrid displays the data from a ProDataSet containing Customer and Invoice tables: