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GUI for .NET Programming
Binding ABL Data to .NET Controls : Understanding the ProBindingSource : Programming considerations : Support for Visual Designer
Support for Visual Designer
The ProBindingSource includes the following elements that support the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer:
*TableSchema property
*Progress.Data.TableDesc class
*Progress.Data.ColumnPropDesc class
*Progress.Data.DataType enumeration class
The Visual Designer uses these elements to hold a logical schema for the ProBindingSource. You can then design .NET controls based on that schema. This design time schema binding allows you to modify properties of the bound .NET control, such as column widths, column labels, and so forth. At runtime, you must still provide the data source used to populate the data for the specified schema by setting the ProBindingSource Handle property. While these elements might be used outside the Visual Designer, you probably will not find them useful.
For more information about choosing a data source at run time, see Special case: unbound class instance.