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Binding ABL Data to .NET Controls : Understanding the ProBindingSource : Methods


The ProBindingSource provides several extended methods to handle binding to the various ABL data source objects. The following table lists these extended methods.
Assign( )
Assigns input values from the current record in the bound UI control to the corresponding record in the bound ABL data source object.
Dispose( )
Cleans up ProDataSet resources held by a ProBindingSource object while awaiting .NET garbage collection. If the ProBindingSource binds a ProDataSet, call this method before releasing it for garbage collection.
Refresh( [ INPUT record-index AS INTEGER ] )
Refreshes the displayed field values for the specified record in all bound UI controls with the values in the bound ABL data source object.
When used with a bound ProDataSet, this method applies to only the top-level table.
RefreshAll( )
Refreshes the field values displayed for all rows (parent and child) in any bound .NET control with the values from the corresponding records in the bound ABL data source object.
SetFields( INPUT include-fields AS CHARACTER, INPUT except-fields AS CHARACTER, {""|INPUT parent-buffer-hdl AS HANDLE |INPUT parent-buffer-name AS CHARACTER} )
Specifies the fields that an unbound ProBindingSource should expose from whatever data source object binds to it. The final parameter can be an empty string (""), a buffer handle, or a buffer name.
Note: You must use this method before the ProBindingSource binds to the data source object. Using the method after binding the data source object cause the ProBindingSource to throw a .NET exception.