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GUI for .NET Mapping Reference
Mapping Reference Entries

Mapping Reference Entries

The topical entries in this mapping reference provide an understanding of how to code ABL to do something using .NET objects and how to work with standard .NET features in ABL that are described in .NET documentation in terms of native .NET languages. Some entries also compare common built-in OpenEdge GUI features with OpenEdge GUI for .NET features.
* C# .NET code mapped to OpenEdge GUI for .NET ABL
* OpenEdge GUI ABL widgets mapped to similar .NET forms and controls
* OpenEdge GUI ABL window with a browse compared to an OpenEdge GUI for .NET form with a grid
* OpenEdge GUI dialog compared to OpenEdge GUI for .NET dialog
* OpenEdge GUI behavior compared to OpenEdge GUI for .NET behavior
* OpenEdge GUI events compared to OpenEdge GUI for .NET events
* Common public .NET form and control methods
* Common public .NET form properties
* Common public .NET control properties
* Common public .NET form events
* Common public .NET control events
* Implicit data type mapping between ABL primitive and .NET types
* Explicit data type mapping from ABL primitive to .NET types