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.NET Open Clients
Passing Parameters : Passing TABLE and TABLE-HANDLE parameters : Temp-table examples : Sample dynamic parameter
Sample dynamic parameter
The following example shows a TABLE-HANDLE parameter.
TABLE-HANDLE parameter
PROCEDURE getOrderInfo:
For this parameter, ProxyGen generates the following method in the proxy:
public void getOrderInfo(System.Data.DataTable tth1)
For INPUT and INPUT-OUTPUT parameters, the .NET client code must supply an instance of a strongly typed DataTable or an instance of a System.Data.DataTable object that contains the appropriate schema and data, as well as any required ABL-specific mappings. For OUTPUT parameters, the DataTable variable must be declared, but the instance is created by ABL and returned to the .NET client with all necessary ABL mappings. For more information on these mappings, see ABL temp-table to ADO.NET DataTable mappings.