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.NET Open Clients
Passing Parameters : ProDataSet class methods

ProDataSet class methods

The Open Client toolkit provides a Progress.Open4GL.ProDataSet utility class that you can use to extend the standard functionality available in the ADO.NET System.Data.DataSet class. These extensions complete features that allow any DataSet object to fully map an ABL ProDataSet. You can add these extensions to any ADO.NET DataSet using ProDataSet class (static) methods. These methods associate extended property name/value pairs with a specified ADO.NET DataSet object. These extended properties map meaningful functionality in a .NET environment that is available in ABL ProDataSets but is not otherwise supported by the ADO.NET System.Data.DataSet class. You can use these methods to get or set the specified property values for both DataSet instances that you create and the strongly-typed DataSet instances generated by ProxyGen.
The syntax for the methods available on this class are given in the following sections.
* Data source update-related methods