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.NET Open Clients
Proxy Objects and Methods : Proxy methods : Common methods : Cancel all requests
Cancel all requests
The following methods raise a STOP condition in the context of each outstanding request on the AppServer:
public void CancelAllRequests( )
public void _CancelAllRequests( )
Note: The _CancelAllRequests( ) method is not CLS-compliant; it is supported only for backward compatibility. Progress Software recommends that you use CancelAllRequests( ), instead.
The CancelAllRequests( ) method is most useful for multi-threaded clients.
The CancelAllRequests( ) method is defined to throw a Progress.Open4GL.Exceptions.Open4GLException.
A client can call the CancelAllRequests( ) method to do the following:
*Raise the STOP condition on a request that was initiated by any object in the proxy and is running (normally during a long execution).
*Normal STOP condition processing applies, including the ability to trap the STOP condition.