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Working with JSON
Reading and Serializing JSON to/from ProDataSets and Temp-tables : Writing JSON from a temp-table, temp-table buffer, or a ProDataSet : Minimizing the size of JSON data

Minimizing the size of JSON data

When using JSON to transfer large amounts of data, it is always worthwhile to design your schema to minimize the size of the JSON data. Smaller JSON data reduces memory, network bandwidth, and disk usage. The resource savings can be significant for large JSON objects.
There are two features of ABL JSON support that can reduce the size of JSON data:
*For ProDataSets with nested data relations, you can choose to omit the duplicate entries of foreign key fields that appear in each child record nested within a parent record.
*For any ProDataSet or temp-table, you can choose to omit fields from the JSON whose current value is the same as the initial value of that field.
* Omitting the outer object in JSON data
* Omitting foreign key fields in nested child records
* Omitting fields with initial values