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Working with JSON
Reading and Serializing JSON to/from ProDataSets and Temp-tables : ABL support for JSON

ABL support for JSON

The ABL support for serializing data objects to and from JSON parallels the ABL support for serializing those data objects into XML. The ABL support for JSON includes the following:
*Serializing to and from JSON with methods on ProDataSet, temp-table, and temp-table buffer object handles
*Serializing before-image data for ProDataSets
*Serializing fields with data types based on ABL class definitions (see the WRITE-JSON( ) entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference for more details and restrictions)
*Affecting JSON serialization through attributes on the data object handles
*Nesting temp-tables
*Hiding foreign fields
*Omitting initial values
*Identifying JSON strings through an attribute on the WEB-CONTEXT system handle
*Built in ABL objects to represent JSON
Note: ABL does not support serializing schema to and from JSON
* Methods and attributes