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Working with JSON
Using JSON with OpenEdge : ABL serialization of ProDataSets, Temp-tables, Temp-Table buffer objects to/from JSON : Features


The JSON features of temp-tables and ProDataSets allow you to take advantage of their rich relational features while providing a standards-based method for sharing data with other application. These JSON features include the following:
*Read JSON data to populate an empty temp-table or ProDataSet
*Read JSON data into temp-tables and ProdataSets that already contain data
*Write JSON data from a temp-table or ProDataSet to a JSON string, a JsonArray object, or a JsonObject object
*Write JSON data from the current row in a temp-table buffer to a JSON string or JsonObject object
Unlike the matching XML features, you cannot perform a perfect round-trip of JSON write/reads. If the ABL virtual machine (AVM) parses an incoming JSON string into a dynamic temp-table or ProDataSet that does not already have a schema, the AVM must infer the schema from the data. This process means that you are unlikely to have data objects with identical schema on both sides of a transaction. Meta data, like key fields, is lost in the serialization to and from JSON.
The JSON features are available as attributes and methods on:
*Temp-table objects
*Temp-table buffer objects (can act on the entire temp-table or the buffers' current contents)
*ProDataSet objects
*JsonObject or JsonArray objects