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Java Open Clients
Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : SmartDataObject access tools and documentation : Writing a SmartDataObject-aware Java client

Writing a SmartDataObject-aware Java client

The procedure below will take you through the process of writing your application SmartDataObject-aware Java client.
To write a Java client that accesses a SmartDataObject:
1. Connect to the AppServer by instantiating an AppObject or SDOAppObject class.
2. Create an SDOResultSet object based on the specified SmartDataObject, using the Appobject._createSDOResultSet() class factory method, where Appobject is the SDOAppObject, AppObject, or an associated SubAppObject instance.
3. Invoke standard JDBC 2 and extended methods on the SDOResultSet, to query and modify data accessed through the SmartDataObject. See the JDBC documentation.
4. Close the SDOResultSet using the SDOResultSet.close() method.
5. Release the SDOAppObject, AppObject, or SubAppObject using the Appobject._release() method.