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Java Open Clients
Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : What is a SmartDataObject?

What is a SmartDataObject?

A SmartDataObject is an ABL persistent procedure created using the SmartObject technology of the OpenEdge AppBuilder. As such, it provides a number of SmartObject methods (implemented as ABL internal procedures and functions) that allow an ABL application to dynamically query and update OpenEdge databases (and DataServers). It also implements the patented SmartObject messaging technology that allows it to communicate and exchange data with other types of ABL SmartObjects (also implemented in ABL). For more information on SmartDataObjects, see OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder, OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects, and OpenEdge Development: ADM Reference.
Using the OpenEdge AppBuilder, an ABL programmer can modify and extend the standard SmartDataObject methods to encapsulate any business logic needed to filter data into or out of an OpenEdge-managed database. When the SmartDataObject is deployed remotely (running on an AppServer), this same business logic becomes available to manage data from your Java Open Client application.