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Java Open Clients
Accessing Proxy Properties : Accessing properties with methods : Accessing properties using purposed accessor methods : Thread control methods
Thread control methods
The AppServer can be accessed from a multi-threaded client. However, the AppServer itself is not multi-threaded. As a result, only one request is serviced at a time. If a method call is made from the client while another one is still running on the AppServer, the application will decide which of the following should happen:
*The second call can be queued and executed when the AppServer becomes available
*The client can get a Java exception
The application can set the run-time properties to do either and can switch the setting at any time. The default is to throw an exception (WaitIfBusy=false).
The methods in the following table provide thread control to the Open Client Runtime. For a detailed description of each property, see Alphabetical listing of properties.
Table 14. Thread control methods
Gets PROGRESS.Session.waitIfBusyReturns TRUE if setWaitIfBusy() was called; FALSE, if setNoWaitIfBusy() was called