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Java Open Clients
Proxy Objects and Methods : Sample proxy : Sample SubAppObject

Sample SubAppObject

The following methods comprise the definition of a sample Java SubAppObject, Tax:
*A ProcObject class factory method that runs and instantiates the persistent procedure TaxInfo.p on the AppServer. For example:
public TaxInfo createPO_TaxInfo(int accountNum)
     throws Open4GLException, RunTime4GLException,
*Built-in class factory methods that run and instantiate a SmartDataObject on the AppServer, as shown on the sample AppObject in Sample AppObject.
*A remote ABL method to run the non-persistent procedure SetStatus (defined by SetStatus.p) on the AppServer. For example:
public void SetStatus(int status)
*Common methods in all Java proxy objects, excluding the _getProcedureType() method.