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Java Open Clients
Proxy Objects and Methods : Sample proxy : Sample ProcObject

Sample ProcObject

The following methods comprise the definition of a sample Java ProcObject, AccountInfo:
*Remote ABL methods to run the internal procedures getPaymentsInfo, setDirectDeposit, and getDirectDeposit on the AppServer, found in the persistent procedure AccountInfo.p. For example:
public void getPaymentsInfo(Date fromDate, ResultSet payeeList,
   int paymentsNum, ResultSetHolder paymentsInfo)

public void setDirectDeposit(ResultSet ddData)

public void getDirectDeposit(ResultSetHolder ddData)
If AccountInfo.p were to be run as single-run or singleton, then its input parameter accountNum would have to removed from the main block and instead be passed directly to its internal procedures. In that case, the internal procedure methods might look like the following:
public void getPaymentsInfo(int accountNum, Date fromDate,
   ResultSet payeeList,int paymentsNum, ResultSetHolder paymentsInfo)

public void setDirectDeposit(int accountNum, ResultSet ddData)

public void getDirectDeposit(int accountNum, ResultSetHolder ddData)
*Common methods in all Java proxy objects, including the _getProcedureType() method.