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Java Open Clients
Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataSets and using ProDataGraphs to access them : ProDataGraph function and foundations

ProDataGraph function and foundations

The ProDataGraph class contains all of the data and schema information required to exchange information with a corresponding ProDataSet or temp-table parameter in an application service. Thus, you can use a ProDataGraph parameter to map any of the following parameter types in the application service:
*DATASET — Static ProDataSet parameter
*DATASET-HANDLE — Dynamic ProDataSet parameter
*TABLE — Static temp-table parameter
*TABLE-HANDLE — Dynamic temp-table parameter
As long as the ProDataGraph is properly prepared, ABL handles all the requirements of passing data between a ProDataGraph parameter and the corresponding application service parameter using these different parameter types. This ABL support also guarantees that Java client programming requirements are mostly identical for both static and dynamic versions of equivalent ProDataSet and temp-table parameters.
Note: The only difference is how the schema can be passed for input static and dynamic parameters. For more information, see Passing a ProDataGraph as INPUT or INPUT-OUTPUT.
While much of this chapter applies to both individual temp-table and ProDataSet parameters, for more information on passing temp-tables as ProDataGraph parameters, see Passing temp-tables as ProDataGraph parameters.
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