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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataGraph class : Constructors : ProDataGraph created from an initial DataGraph
ProDataGraph created from an initial DataGraph
The following constructor creates a ProDataGraph object from a specified initial Java SDO DataGraph object:


ProDataGraph(DataGraph dg, String dgName, ProDataRelationMetaData[] drList)
Specifies the initial Java SDO DataGraph object. This DataGraph object must conform to the ProDataGraph format: the root DataObject must contain only reference properties (to DataObject lists), where each reference property represents a temp-table of an ABL ProDataSet. If the root DataObject does not have this format, the constructor throws an Open4GLException.
Specifies the name of the ProDataGraph, which is typically identical to the ABL name of a corresponding ProDataSet.
Specifies an array of ProDataRelationMetaData objects. In the DataObject hierarchy of the initial DataGraph, if a parent-child relationship exists between two temp-tables (DataObject lists), you must add a corresponding ProDataRelationMetaData object that describes this relationship to the ProDataRelationMetaData array. (See ProDataRelationMetaData class.)