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Passing Parameters : ABL data type mappings : INPUT-OUTPUT and OUTPUT parameters : Holder class definitions
Holder class definitions
The holder class definitions for each data type follow the form shown in the following example.

Example: Holder class definitions

public class IntHolder extends Holder
{    public IntHolder();
    public IntHolder(int value);
    public void setIntValue(int value);
    public int getIntValue();
/* Note the extra constructor on this one.*/
public class BigDecimalHolder extends Holder
{    public BigDecimalHolder();
    public BigDecimalHolder(java.math.BigDecimal value);
    public BigDecimalHolder(double);
    public void setBigDecimalValue(BigDecimal value)
    public java.math.BigDecimal getBigDecimalValue();
}public class StringHolder extends Holder
{    public StringHolder();
    public StringHolder(java.lang.String value);
    public void setStringValue(java.lang.String value);
    public java.lang.String getStringValue();
}public class BooleanHolder extends Holder
{    public BooleanHolder();
    public BooleanHolder (boolean value);
    public void setBooleanValue(boolean value).
    Public boolean getBooleanValue();
}public class LongArrayHolder extends Holder
{    public LongArrayHolder();
    public LongArrayHolder(long[ ] value);
    public LongArrayHolder(Long[ ] value);
    public void setLongArrayValue(long[ ] value);
    public void setLongArrayValue(Long[ ] value);
    public Long[ ] getLongArrayValue();
/* Holder classes for other data types follow similar forms */