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Java Open Clients
Proxy Objects and Methods : Proxy methods : Remote ABL methods : Handling return values
Handling return values
When using ProxyGen, you can optionally specify whether the ABL RETURN-VALUE should be added to the Java proxy method, for each non-persistent procedure and internal procedure (user-defined functions always return a value.) If this is not specified, the method returns void. If specified for the non-persistent procedures above, ProxyGen generates the following Java proxy methods:
public String AddAccount(int accountNum, String name)
public String RemoveAccount(int accountNum, StringHolder name)
Java Open Client supports array return values from user-defined functions, except for LONGCHAR and MEMPTR data types.
Also, if you did not specify to return the ABL RETURN-VALUE, the client can access the current value of the ABL RETURN-VALUE function by calling the _getProcReturnString() common method. For more information, see Common methods.