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Java Open Clients
Using the Open Client Java OpenAPI to Directly Access the AppServer : Setting up parameters : Defining the schema for temp-tables in a ProDataSet : Defining a ProDataObjectMetaData object
Defining a ProDataObjectMetaData object
For each table (ProDataObject collection) contained within a ProDataGraph, you must define a com.progress.open4gl.ProDataObjectMetaData object to hold the schema using the following constructor:
public ProDataObjectMetaData(String tableName, int numFields,
                             boolean bimageFlag,
                             int numIndexes, String multiIxCols,
                             String XMLNamespace, String XMLPrefix)
Specifies a name for the specified ProDataObject type (and collection). This name is typically identical to any ABL temp-table to which this collection is mapped.
Specifies the number of fields (column properties) in the specified ProDataObject type.
Specifies true if the corresponding ABL temp-table is defined with the BEFORE-TABLE option, indicating that the temp-table (and hence the ProDataObject collection) can be modified. Otherwise, this value must be false and you cannot pass modified data between the Open Client and the AppServer.
Specifies the number of indexes on the table.
Specifies null if there are no indexes or a formatted string that contains all the index info for this temp-table, as follows:
For more information on this formatted string, see the section on the ProDataObjectMetaData() constructor in Accessing ABL ProDataSets.
Specifies the namespace for XML serialization or null.
Specifies the prefix for XML serialization or null.