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Java Open Clients
Accessing a SmartDataObject API Directly : Defining a ProcObject that maps a SmartDataObject

Defining a ProcObject that maps a SmartDataObject

To directly access the SmartDataObject API, you need to use API methods that handle all control and communication with the remote SmartDataObject, as required by your application. You can access the SmartDataObject API by defining a ProcObject in ProxyGen that supports this interface. Define the ProcObject to include all the methods (internal procedures and user-defined functions) you want to access in the specified SmartDataObject instance.
To define the methods for this ProcObject and generate the proxy, you first must make the r-code for the corresponding SmartDataObject available to ProxyGen. You do this by setting the ProxyGen Propath Components list appropriately. For more information on locating the r-code for a SmartDataObject, see the information on SmartDataObject support in OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.
To ensure all parameters, internal procedures, and user-defined procedures of the ProcObject allow Progress Unknown value (?), do the following in ProxyGen:
1. In the AppObject tab, check Allow Unknown for parameters and function return values.
2. In the Customize Persistent Procedure dialog box, check Use AppObject Unknown Setting.
For more information on defining ProcObjects in ProxyGen, see OpenEdge Development: Open Client Introduction and Programming.