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Java Open Clients
Passing Parameters : Passing temp-tables and ProDataSets : Java mechanisms for passing temp-tables and ProDataSets : Choosing the parameter passing mechanism
Choosing the parameter passing mechanism
The ProDataGraph is the default mechanism for accessing temp-tables and ProDataSets. However, you can access temp-table parameters as an SQL ResultSet in a given method for the following conditions:
*The Java Open Client proxies are generated from an Open Client interface defined in an OpenEdge release prior to Release 10.1A.
*A given proxy method does not also pass a ProDataSet parameter (not available in releases prior to 10.1A).
Thus, ProxyGen provides an option for you to select the SQL ResultSet as the mechanism for passing temp-table parameters. You can specify this option for an entire AppObject/SubAppObject or for individual methods (procedures and user-defined functions). However, if a given method passes a ProDataSet, this option is unavailable and you must map any temp-table parameter to a ProDataGraph in that method.
Also to facilitate backward compatibility, in Open Client project files created prior to OpenEdge Release 10.1A, the SQL ResultSet option is selected by default.
For more information, see the ProxyGen help and OpenEdge Development: Open Client Introduction and Programming.