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Java Open Clients
Using the Open Client Java OpenAPI to Directly Access the AppServer : Setting up parameters : Defining the schema for a temp-table parameter mapped to a java.sql.ResultSet : Adding field descriptions to the ProResultSetMetaDataImpl object
Adding field descriptions to the ProResultSetMetaDataImpl object
Add the meta data for each field of the temp-table by calling the setFieldMetaData() method on the ProResultSetMetaDataImpl object for each column in the temp-table:
public void setFieldMetaData(int position, String name, int extentValue,
                             int proType)
Specifies the 1-based position of a mapped field in an ABL temp-table.
Specifies a field name, typically set to the corresponding ABL field name in the temp-table.
Specifies the extent of an array, 0 or 1 for a scalar value.
Specifies the value of a class constant defined in the com.progress.open4gl.Parameter class. The specified class constant indicates the ABL data type of the mapped temp-table field. For more information on these class constants, see the sections on specifying field data type meta data for temp-tables in Passing Parameters. To identify the Java data type that the column property assumes for the specified ABL data type, see the information on mapping temp-tables to java.sql.ResultSet objects in Passing Temp-tables as SQL ResultSet Parameters.