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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : Updating a ProDataSet : Adding a row to a ProDataGraph

Adding a row to a ProDataGraph

A change to a ProDataGraph can include adding additional rows (ProDataObject instances).
To add a row to a ProDataGraph:
1. Create a ProDataObject for a specific table, using the ProDataGraph createProDataObject() method.
2. Add data to the new ProDataObject using the various ProDataObject methods for setting column properties.
3. Add the row to the specified table (ProDataObject collection) using the ProDataGraph addProDataObject() method.
4. If the ProDataObject participates in any data-relations (ProDataRelationMetaData), generate the required parent-child references to and from the ProDataObject, using the ProDataGraph setChildTableReferences() method.
For more information on adding a row to a ProDataGraph, see Adding data to a ProDataGraph.