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Java Open Clients
Using SmartDataObjects from Java Clients : Accessing remote SmartDataObjects from Java

Accessing remote SmartDataObjects from Java

The following figure shows how a Java Open Client accesses a SmartDataObject running on an AppServer. The Java application creates an AppObject that connects to an AppServer running a SmartDataObject. The AppObject, or one of its SubAppObjects, provides an SDOResultSet object that makes the remote SmartDataObject available to the application as an extended JDBC 2 ResultSet.
Once an SDOResultSet is created, the client application can work on it locally without maintaining the connection to the AppServer. Later, the application can establish an AppServer connection again to update rows, open the query again, and so on.
Figure 2. Java Open Client access to a remote SmartDataObject
* Requirements for accessing SmartDataObjects
* Example Java access to a SmartDataObject