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Java Open Clients
Accessing ABL ProDataSets : Using Java SDO classes to access Property meta data : Property interface : Methods
The Java SDO Property interface provides the following methods:
*getDefault( ) — This method returns the default value this Property has in a DataObject (as specified by Java SDO) when the property has not yet been set. For example:
Object getDefault()
*getName( ) — This method returns the name of the Property. For a column property, this is the ABL name of the corresponding temp-table field. For example:
String getName()
*getType( ) — This method returns the Type of the Property. For example:
Type getType()
*isMany( ) — This method returns true if this Property is defined as many-valued, and false if single-valued. If it returns true for a column property, the DataObject get*() methods return a java.lang.List. It always returns true for a reference property. For example:
boolean isMany()