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Java Open Clients
Accessing Proxy Properties : RunTimeProperties and Connection classes : Connection class

Connection class

The com.progress.open4gl.javaproxy.Connection class stores AppServer connection information, which can be passed to the AppObject constructor when connecting to the AppServer. It contains methods and property values; however, it does not contain any static methods. You must create an instance of the class and call methods to change the value of the proxy properties.
When you create an instance of the Connection class (a Connection object), it inherits the initial values of its properties from the RunTimeProperties class. You can then override these values programmatically. These changes only affect the proxy objects that are associated with this Connection object.
If you change the value of a property in a Connection object after it has been instantiated, the Connection object might not recognize the change, depending on the session model. For more information, see Modifying an instantiated Connection object's properties.
Note: Changes to the properties of a Connection object have no effect on the global values of the RunTimeProperties class.