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Using SQL : Using SQL utilities : SQLLOAD


SQLLOAD lets you load SQL databases. The syntax for SQLLOAD (for UNIX and Windows) is:

sqlload -u username -a password -t table-name[,table-name...] database-url[-b bad-row-filename][-C charset][-e max-errors][-F { comma | quote }][-f command-filename][-l log-filename][-n error-check]
username, password
User authentication.
table-name [,table-name...]
One or more tables to load . Multiple tables can be specified, in a comma-separated list. Specify a table of % to load all tables. The -t option can be specified only if the -f option is not.
The database to which you want to connect, which has the following form:
The file where SQLLOAD writes rows that were not loaded. The default is screen.
The name of the character set of the tables to be loaded.
The maximum number of errors allowed before processing is terminated. The default is 50.
{ comma | quote }
If comma is specified, load in comma-delimited format. If quote is specified, load in quote-delimited format. The default is quote.
The file where SQLLOAD reads commands on how and what to load. The -f option can be specified only if the -t option is not.
The file where SQLLOAD writes errors and statistics. The default is screen.
Check for syntax errors without loading any rows.