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Using SQL : Using SQL utilities : SQLDUMP


SQLDUMP lets you dump SQL databases. The syntax for SQLDUMP (for UNIX and Windows) is:
sqldump -u username -a password -t table-name[,table-name...] database-url[-C charset][-F { comma | quote }][-f command-filename][-n error-check]
username, password
User authentication.
table-name [,table-name...]
One or more tables to dump. Multiple tables can be specified, in a comma-separated list. Specify a table of % to dump all tables. The -t option can be specified only if the -f option is not.
The database to which you want to connect, which has the following form:
The name of the character set of the tables to be dumped.
{ comma | quote }
If comma is specified, dump in comma-delimited format. If quote is specified, dump in quote-delimited format. The default is quote.
Specifies the file where SQLDUMP reads commands on how and what to dump. The -f option can be specified only if the -t option is not.
Check for syntax errors without dumping any rows.