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Internationalizing Applications
Deployment and Configuration : The progress.ini file and the Windows registry : Specifying scripts

Specifying scripts

For each font you specify in the progress.ini file's [Startup] section or [fonts] section, or in the Windows registry, you can specify a script, which corresponds to a code page. The syntax for specifying a script is:


The name of the script. Use one of the following values: ansi, default, symbol, shiftjis, hangeul, gb2312, chinesebig5, oem, johab, hebrew, arabic, greek, turkish, vietnamese, thai, easteurope, russian, or baltic. Do not enclose the value in quotes.
An example of a font specification that specifies a script is:
font0=Courier New, size=8, script=russian
For more information on specifying scripts, see your Windows documentation.