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Internationalizing Applications
Using Databases : Scanning databases for character conflicts

Scanning databases for character conflicts

You might want to convert a database and its data to a different code page. But before you do this, you must determine if the code-page conversion you are planning involves a character conflict.
Consider the conversion from IBM850 to ISO8859-1. Every character that appears in IBM850 appears in ISO8859-1. That is, this code-page conversion does not involve a character conflict.
Now consider the conversion from ISO8859-1 to ISO8859-15. ISO8859-1 contains characters that ISO8859-15 does not. If you are considering this conversion, you must determine if an ISO8859-1 database contains any character not in ISO8859-15. If it does, there is a character conflict.
* New characters
* Using PROUTIL to perform the scan