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Internationalizing Applications
Developing Applications for Deployment Worldwide : How OpenEdge products support internationalization

How OpenEdge products support internationalization

In addition to the Translation Manager System, other OpenEdge products support your internationalization efforts.
The OpenEdge database supports, among other code pages, the Unicode Standard character set, which simplifies multi-national deployment. See Using Unicode for information on Unicode. See OpenEdge Getting Started: Database Essentials for a discussion of designing and creating effective databases.
The AppServer™ provides support for multiple code pages and languages. The AppServer supports the same code-page options as the ABL client and allows you to specify a code page that is different from that used by the AppServer client. You can localize your application for a specific language using the same mechanism you use for the ABL client.
The Open Client Toolkit supports international Java™ and ActiveX Controller client applications by communicating with the AppServer using Unicode. The AppServer then converts between Unicode and the internal code page defined for the AppServer. See Using Unicode for information on Unicode and UTF-8. See OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications for complete information on the AppServer.
OpenEdge DataServers for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server support international applications. Configuring these products for an international locale involves configuring both the OpenEdge environment and the non-OpenEdge data-source environment. For example, you must properly configure Oracle's National Language Support environment or understand how to specify code pages for other databases. See OpenEdge Data Management: DataServer for Oracle or OpenEdge Data Management: DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server for information on managing code pages and converting between these environments.
WebSpeed® supports international applications. See OpenEdge Application Server: Administration for information on designing international internet applications and specific connection requirements.