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Internationalizing Applications
Preparing the Code : Compiling translated applications

Compiling translated applications

If you use the OpenEdge Translation Manager System to translate your application, you must connect to the appropriate translation databases in addition to any application databases. You can compile all the language editions into a single r-code file by using the LANGUAGES option of the COMPILE statement. The translated character strings are stored in segments within the r-code.
This code example specifies the languages to be read from the appropriate translation database or databases:
COMPILE myfile.p LANGUAGES(Dutch,English,American:English,French,German).
All languages in the example list above can use the same code page, ISO8859-1. If the list included Russian, you would have to run this statement again in a separate session with -cpinternal set to a code page that supports Russian, so the r-code would have a valid code page.