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Internationalizing Applications
Deployment and Configuration : The progress.ini file and the Windows registry : [fonts]


Other progress.ini file settings you might localize appear in the [fonts] section. The following figure shows the [fonts] section of progress.ini that OpenEdge provides in the OpenEdge/bin directory.

[fonts] section of the progress.ini file

font0=Courier New, size=8
font1=MS Sans Serif, size=8
font2=Courier New, size=8
font3=Courier New, size=8
font4=MS Sans Serif, size=8
font5=MS Sans Serif, size=10
font6=MS Sans Serif, size=8, bold
font7=MS Sans Serif, size=8
Progress Software Corporation ships progress.ini with native font names as the default. Users who download support for other languages might need to replace the native font names with English font names. For example, the following lines in the [fonts] section of progress.ini allows the user to view Chinese on systems running the English version of Microsoft Windows:
DefaultFont=MS Song, size=9 Script=gb2312, fixed
font6=MS Song, size=9 Script=gb2312
Note the font name is in Latin characters.