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Messaging and ESB
Understanding the Messaging Models : Using PUB/SUB messaging

Using PUB/SUB messaging

Pub/Sub messaging allows you to produce a single message to be consumed by many receivers. A publisher sends messages to a topic. A receiver subscribes to those topics in which it is interested and receives all messages published to those topics.
The following general steps outline how to exchanged messages from an OpenEdge application to a SonicMQ Broker for a Pub/Sub session:
1. Create a session procedure and connect to a SonicMQ Broker.
2. Publish a message to a Pub/Sub topic.
3. Subscribe to a Pub/Sub topic and receive messages.
4. Send a message and receive a reply.
5. Delete objects.
* Creating a session procedure and connecting to a SonicMQ Broker
* Publishing a message to a Pub/Sub topic
* Subscribing to a Pub/Sub topic and receiving messages
* Receiving a reply
* Durable subscriptions
* Temporary topic
* Deleting objects
* Methods unique to Pub/Sub messaging