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Messaging and ESB
Programming for the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ with the ABL - JMS API : Programming scenarios : Using JMS 1.1 unified domain model

Using JMS 1.1 unified domain model

Prior to OpenEdge Release 10.1, OpenEdge clients were required to create a JMS session that was either for PTP or Pub/Sub messaging. If the client needed to use both queues and topics, it was necessary to create two JMS sessions.
Currently, OpenEdge supports JMS 1.1. JMS 1.1 unifies the two messaging domains into one domain. Therefore, OpenEdge clients may utilize both PTP or Pub/Sub messaging within the same JMS session. You can access both queues and topics using the same JMS session object. The following example shows the ABL code for using queues and topics in the same JMS session object:
RUN jms/jmssession.p PERSISTENT SET hSession (adapterConnection).
Note: The ModChat example demonstrates using the jmssession to perform both PTP and Pub/Sub messaging. The example uses a serialized connection object and server-based message selectors. For information on locating the examples, see the OpenEdge messages. For an alphabetical API reference, see ABL - JMS API Reference.