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Messaging and ESB
Sample Native Invocation ESB process : Test ESB process

Test ESB process

Your example process is now created and ready to be tested.
To test your ESB process:
1. In Sonic Workbench, switch to the Container tab and start the OpenEdge development container dev_OpenEdgeTest, as shown:
2. Create a test scenario by clicking Create Scenario. The Create/Edit Scenario dialog box appears:
3. Create the scenario by:
a. Giving the scenario a useful name in the Scenario Name field.
b. Specifying Literal in the File/Literal column for the default input.
c. Specifying an integer in the Scenario Test Value column (1 in this example).
d. Click OK to save the scenario.
4. Run the scenario by clicking the run icon next to the scenario. The results of running the scenario appear in the Output window:
In this scenario, a value of "1" was sent to the ABL procedure GetCustName, and it returned "Lift Tours", demonstrating a successful execution of the ABL procedure by the Sonic ESB process.