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Messaging and ESB
Understanding the Messaging Models : Using PTP messaging : Temporary queues

Temporary queues

A temporary queue allows an application to create and delete temporary queues on the current connection to the SonicMQ Broker. The SonicMQ Broker provides the name of the queue to the application. A temporary queue allows the SonicMQ Broker to hold JMS messages during the JMS session. Messages in a temporary queue are available to any application that knows the name of the temporary queue. A temporary queue is automatically deleted when the application that created it terminates the session. When the JMS session ends, any messages remaining in the temporary queue are deleted.
Note: A temporary queue can be used in OpenEdge client code or can be used by ABL code running in an AppServer.
Manage temporary queues by using the createTemporaryQueue procedure and deleteTemporaryQueue procedure.