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Messaging and ESB
OpenEdge Applications in the Sonic Environment : Sonic messaging and integration systems : SonicMQ


SonicMQ is a message-oriented middleware (MOM) system that allows diverse applications to communicate through Java™ Message Service (JMS) messages in a distributed enterprise system. JMS is an industry-standard messaging API, a standard that defines a full set of messaging capability. The SonicMQ JMS implementation offers exceptional reliability, performance, scalability, availability, and security, as well as powerful XML-processing capabilities.
SonicMQ provides full support for JMS Unified Domains, as well as the other standard JMS messaging domains, Point-to-Point (PTP) and Publish-and-Subscribe (Pub/Sub). It guarantees message delivery under all conditions. The loosely coupled, asynchronous data exchange mechanism allows for maximum reliability and flexibility.
The SonicMQ architecture relies on message brokers, each of which manages communications and security for one or more local client applications. Brokers can be located anywhere, according to geographical considerations and business needs. The use of broker clusters can provide load balancing and fault tolerance.
In addition to supporting standard JMS messaging, SonicMQ serves as the foundation for the powerful Sonic ESB application integration framework.