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Messaging and ESB
Working with the Generic JMS Adapter : Configuring and administering the Generic JMS Adapter : Setting your JMS Provider for Generic Adapter Broker

Setting your JMS Provider for Generic Adapter Broker

Once you have added the JMS provider you want to use, you must set the JMS provider to use the Generic JMS adapter by default.
In the %DLC%\properties path, open the file and update the jvmargs property in the PluginPolicy.Progress.SonicMQ property section as follows:



jvmargs=-DsonicMQExtensions=false -DjmsProvider=WebSphereMQ
The sonicMQExtensions property indicates whether to use the new adapter. You can set this property as -DsonicMQExtensions=false to use the generic JMS adapter as the JMS provider or set as -DsonicMQExtensions=true to use SonicMQ as the JMS provider.
Note: The value for the -DjmsProvider property must match the name of the JMS provider specified in the file.