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Messaging and ESB
Implementing Messaging : Managing connections and sessions : Request/Reply


Request/Reply is a mechanism for the JMSReplyTo message header field to specify the destination where replies to a message should be sent. To specify the message destination, use the requestReply procedure.
Note: The term destination refers to both topics and queues.
Java–JMS supports a manual approach through the JMSReplyTo field, whereas the ABL–JMS implementation automates the request/reply sequence by:
*Sending a reply by setting the reply output parameter of the message handler
*Requesting a reply by calling the requestReply procedure with a handle to a Message Consumer for the reply
The ABL–JMS implementation uses a temporary destination for the reply. It is an error to set the JMSReplyTo field of the message explicitly if requestReply procedure is used. The reply is received by the Message Consumer asynchronously, just like any other message. The temporary destination is deleted when the Message Consumer object is deleted.