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Messaging and ESB
Introduction to messaging : Point-to-Point (PTP) messaging : PTP messaging options and features

PTP messaging options and features

The following table describes the features of the PTP messaging model.
Table 3. PTP messaging features
Message delivery
Ensures a message is delivered only once to a single Message Consumer. The first message received by the broker is the first message delivered. This First In, First Out (FIFO) technique causes subsequent messages to endure until the previous message is consumed. Messages wait for a consumer until the message expires.
Message persistence
Persist messages on a queue based on the maximum size and threshold for the queue. The message remains even if the broker shuts down.
Static messaging queues
Messaging queues are created.
Single Message Consumer
There is only one Message Consumer for a given message. Many consumers can listen or receive on a queue, but only one takes delivery of a specific message.
Message acknowledgement
When the message is acknowledged as delivered by the consumer, it is removed from the queue permanently. No one else sees it and no one else receives it.
Prefetch count and threshold
A receiver can specify how many messages are to be delivered at a time.
Queue browsing
A receiver can look at the contents of messages on a queue without consuming the messages.
For more information, see Using PTP messaging.