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Messaging and ESB
OpenEdge Applications in the Sonic Environment : OpenEdge Adapters for Sonic integration : Security considerations : OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB security
OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB security
An OpenEdge service deployed to the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB functions as a client of an OpenEdge AppServer. In cases where the AppServer is SSL-enabled, the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB supports secure communications by providing a secure session tunnel. SSL client options can be specified for each deployed service; these options are described in OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
Use of secure connections between an ESB-deployed OpenEdge service and an AppServer requires that the following conditions be satisfied:
*The service must be enabled for SSL communications, and it must have access to a digital (public key) certificate that can authenticate with the digital certificate used by the AppServer. For more information, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services.
*The AppServer must be configured to accept SSL connections. For this configuration task, you can use the Progress Explorer (in Windows only) or edit the file. For instructions, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
Note: You can use the mergeprop utility installed with OpenEdge to manually edit the file. For information on using mergeprop, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
The security of communications between Sonic ESB services and the client applications that call them is provided through the facilities of the Sonic ESB and the underlying SonicMQ. For more information, refer to the Sonic ESB documentation.