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Messaging and ESB
Implementing Messaging : Managing connections and sessions : Fault tolerance

Fault tolerance

Fault tolerant connections allow a JMS client to reconnect to a SonicMQ Broker and enable reconnection to the same SonicMQ Broker, or to one of the SonicMQ Broker specified in a list, if this has been defined before the session is created. Fault tolerance is set on the client but must be supported by the SonicMQ Broker.
Note: Fault tolerance is only available to OpenEdge clients running in ClientConnect and ServerConnect mode.
An OpenEdge client specifies participation in a fault tolerant session when the client connects to licensed fault tolerant SonicMQ Brokers. In a fault tolerant session, when the SonicMQ Broker or the network experiences a fault, the session resumes when the SonicMQ Broker or its backup is available. The client maintains connection and session information waiting for the SonicMQ Broker to be available.
* Replicated SonicMQ Brokers